Our COVID-19 Safety Plan

How we manage COVID risk for your excursions

Your safety is very important to us. We have appropriate health and hygiene methods in place always following the Victorian's government current guidelines and expert public health advice.

Our policy will change in a timely fashion according to government direction and will be updated verbally for classes as necessary, as we keep developing our COVID-19 SAFE Plan in response.

If you have any queries about this please contact us.

Safety plan below is current as of Mar 2022. We will advise of any changes on the day.

Keep your distance

During your session, teachers and presenters will maintain a 1.5m social distance from students. High school students are NOT required to maintain social distancing from each other.

Wear a mask (indoors)

[Indoor sessions only] All participants a strongly encouraged to wear a form-fitting face mask throughout indoor sessions only. Our presenters will not wear masks while speaking.

Wash your hands

Please wash your hands before and after using toilet facilities and sanitise your hands regularly using suitable hand-sanitiser. Teachers/group supervisors should carry hand sanitiser for students’ use.

Enhanced Cleaning

[Indoor sessions only] Rest assured, our venue is cleaned regularly. Note that outdoor Walks are in public spaces and cleanliness is outside our capacity to address.

QR Code scanning

[Indoor sessions only] There are no current requirements for QR Code scanning or space restrictions in place.

Do not attend if unwell

If in the 7 days prior to the session any participant has experienced cold or flu like symptoms or have returned from overseas, or are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, they must stay at home.

Vaccination Requirements

All Intersection staff are COVID-19 vaccinated according to the current government schedule and requirements. Vaccination of attendees is strongly encouraged, but not required.