Our COVID-19 Safety Plan

How we manage COVID risk for your excursions

Your safety is very important to us. We have appropriate health and hygiene methods in place following Victorian's government guidelines and expert public health advice.

We are hard at work to ensure we can deliver our in-person excursions starting Term 1 2021!

Our policy will change with government advice and will be updated as we keep developing our COVID-19 SAFE Plan.

If you have any queries about this please contact us.

Keeping your distance

During your session please ensure students maintain a safe distance from others using by following government social distancing guidelines of 1.5m distance. We will work to ensure all students can hear our presenters clearly.

Wearing a form-fitting mask

All participants must wear a form-fitting face mask throughout the session.

Washing your hands

Please wash your hands before and after using toilet facilities and sanitise your hands regularly using suitable hand-sanitiser. Teachers/group supervisors should carry hand sanitiser for students' use.

Enhanced Cleaning

(Indoor sessions only) Rest assured, our venue is professionally cleaned regularly. Common contact surfaces and toilet facilities are regularly sanitised by our team prior to each group's arrival.

Temperature checks

[Indoor sessions only] We’ll carry out temperature checks before you enter our venue. Only one person can be checked at a time, so please be patient.

Please do not attend if you feel unwell

If in the 14 days prior to the session any participant has experienced cold or flu like symptoms or have returned from overseas, or are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, they must stay at home.