Our People

We have an experienced and passionate team

Headshot of Evan Morgan

Evan Morgan



Evan has been with the Intersection since early 2010, back when we were the education department of Urban Seed. He says “It's changed a lot since then but I love the opportunity to teach about connection with people different to us, and the strength that this builds into us as individuals and as a society. I love conversing with teenagers as they continue to make me think in new ways about these topics 11 years in!”
Evan is also a passionate board gamer, business owner and festival goer.
Headshot of Blythe Toll

Blythe Toll

Creative Curriculum Officer


Blythe joined The Intersection in 2009 (back in Urban Seed days) and as well as being a highly experienced presenter, she also develops our curriculum content and educational approaches (and manages our social media). She loves the profound messages in children’s picture books and exploring difference, diverse community and developing a healthy culture.

Headshot of Mike Cutter

Mike Cutter

Educator & Bookings


In 2015 Mike joined The Intersection (formerly Urban Seed) as an educator and then managing bookings. He brings a life of connecting deeply with others, including young people with mental health challenges, Indian slum dwellers, members of Australian Indigenous communities and others. Challenging young people to make a difference to each other and the world around them is embedded in Mike’s DNA, and he thinks The Intersection is the best job he’s ever had!

Headshot of Star Despotellis

Star Despotellis


Star is a new addition to the Intersection team in 2022. 

Headshot of Lisa Peterson

Lisa Peterson


Lisa’s lived experience of homelessness, domestic violence, AOD and mental health, amongst others, bought Lisa to The Intersection as a Neighbour in 2020. Through this role she came to love the organisation’s values and philosophy as well as the engagement with students. Lisa views this role as a way to turn her negative life experiences into a positive and hopes that by doing so, at least one young person who goes on her walks will never have to stand in her shoes.