Live Online Streaming Sessions

Delivered live at a special price in Term 4, 2020 (Excursion dates from Feb 2021)


A Most Liveable City Online

Virtual City Walk

Year 8-12
75-90 mins
$250 *

A virtual tour of Melbourne’s CBD to hear the city’s stories students haven't encountered before.

Through breakout rooms and facilitated conversations, students are led to challenge their own assumptions and imagine what is needed to build a healthy society.

  • Unpacks and explores the nature of stereotypes and demonstrates that there is a danger in only hearing a single story.
  • Uses storytelling to explore wealth and poverty in society and raises questions about the impact of hierarchy and systemic structural differences.
  • Invites students to engage with civic life and see that their own health and wellbeing is tied in to the health and wellbeing of those around them.
  • Curriculum matched to Civics and Citizenship, Geography and Health.

Empathy Workshop Online

“Hands-on” Practice

Year 8-12
75-90 mins
$250 *

In an interactive online workshop students are encouraged to ask:

What is empathy? What happens when we empathise with people different to us? How does it change us and our society?

Experientially transform your perspective, your school, your community and our world.

  • Engages students in facilitated discussion and critique around empathy, exploring it as a powerful tool for creating a healthy society.
  • Challenges students’ interactions with others, both similar and different from themselves.
  • Reflect on, unpack and critique their assumptions and observe where these have impacted society.
  • Includes creative and cooperative problem solving activities.

* Please note that all prices shown are in AUD and exclude GST.

NB This special pricing applies only for dates during Term 4, 2020.


Stream the Neighbour

Panel Experience

Year 8-12
60-90 mins
$125-200 *

Enables students to have online conversations with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences of marginalisation.

By connecting with people we may have assumptions about, students realise that these people are more than just stereotypes, they are our neighbours and we are all connected.

NB Students must participate in A Most Liveable City Online or Empathy Workshop Online prior to this session.

  • A facilitated empathic experience for students to encounter multiple perspectives on issues and topics discussed.
  • Students have the opportunity to talk with “Neighbours” who have life experiences or expert knowledge of areas including marginalisation, homelessness, drugs & alcohol, mental health and LGBTQIA+
  • Invites and challenges students to see that difference of opinion comes from each person's lived experience and it is this difference that makes our society healthy.

The Intersection is a non-profit social enterprise in the heart of the city of Melbourne. We exist to create social change by educating about empathy, diversity and connection. Our primary tools are story-based city walks, interactive workshops, and facilitated ‘intersections’.

These experiences can be delivered online (using Zoom or WebEx), in your classroom, camp or venue, or as part of an excursion to the Melbourne CBD.

Homelessness, addiction and racism are symptoms of a deeper problem of disconnection. At The Intersection we challenge you to meet ‘the other’, because empathy, diversity and connection are vital to creating a liveable city for everyone.

Our sessions are primarily designed for schools, but can be tailored for workplaces, churches, non-profit organisations and community groups, anybody who wants to learn more about the margins of our city or increase their empathy.

“Empathy, social justice, community action & the idea that difference is good.”
Allison Hommelhoff Braybrook College, Oct 2020
It made you think about connecting in ways that many of us haven’t before.”
Year 9 Student Fintona Girls School, April 2020
“Gifted storytelling that opened our students' minds; a really vital experience.”
Liz Cutter Tintern Grammar, Aug 2020

We believe empathy, diversity & connection
will create a healthy society

We deliver our Walks, Workshops and Intersections online, in-school, or as excursions in the Melbourne CBD.

We can also provide customised workshops and experiences for your group.

Just ask!

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to bring urban issues alive for your participants

“It was a pleasure to work with The Intersection for our recent Empathy Workshops.  The sessions were well planned and the students really appreciated learning about this topic. Bookings were easy and straight forward. We found the sessions relevant and useful. Thanks Mike and team.”
Rowena Archer Braybrook College, Oct 2020
“Thank you!! This was really cool!”
Year 9 Student Camberwell High School, Oct 2020
“The best part was getting to know and understand people who have been through some tough times. It really helps us to understand how lucky we are to be able to always have a home and place that is safe.”
Year 9 Student Tintern Grammar, Jul 2020
“We brought a school group through last year for the Empathy Workshop and the Most Liveable City Walk. This was an absolutely amazing experience - for me, and for the students who didn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the year.”
Judy Miller Mountain District Christian School, Oct 2019
“As a long–term youth worker—seconded to schools and training youth workers — I would recommend The Intersection to any school looking for informed and formative curated experiences.”
Naomi Swindon Fairhills High School, Oct 2019
“[During this online session] our students were able to see the city from the viewpoint of people they may not have yet encountered in life their own lives and gain an understanding that there is more than one view of each individuals story. It provided them with the opportunity to develop their own empathy, understanding and compassion.”
Chris Miller Fintona Girls School, Apr 2020
“I took away not to judge people by the way they first come across, there is so much you don't know about someone and you should get to know them first before making assumptions about them.”
Year 9 Student Sacred Heart College, Jun 2020

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