The City Walk

CBD Walk & Story-Telling

Year 8-12
75-90 mins
$455 *

Walk the streets of Melbourne’s CBD to see a different angle.

Students are encouraged to challenge their own assumptions and recognise the danger of single stories.

Through interactive storytelling, students realise the strength of diversity in building a healthy city/society.

Explores homelessness, stereotypes, hierarchy, colonisation, power, addiction, connection and more…

  • Unpacks and explores the nature of stereotypes and demonstrates that there is a danger in only hearing a single story.
  • Uses storytelling to explore wealth and poverty in society and raises questions about the impact of hierarchy and systemic structural differences.
  • Invites students to engage with civic life and see that their own health and wellbeing is tied in to the health and wellbeing of those around them.
  • Curriculum matched to Civics and Citizenship, Geography and Health.

Empathy Workshop

In CBD or Classroom

Year 8-12
75-90 mins
20-25 *
$455 *

In a hands-on, interactive workshop students are encouraged to ask: What is empathy?

What happens when we empathise with people different to us? How does it change us and our society?

Experientially we learn to transform our perspective, our schools, our community and our world.

  • Engages students in facilitated discussion and critique around empathy, exploring it as a powerful tool for creating a healthy society.
  • Challenges students’ interactions with others, both similar and different from themselves.
  • Reflect on, unpack and critique their assumptions and observe where these have impacted society.
  • Includes tactile and cooperative problem solving activities.

* Please note that all prices shown are in AUD and exclude GST. Please contact us if class sizes present a challenge.


Meet the Neighbour

Engage with The Other

Year 8-12
75-90 mins
20-25 *
$480+ *

Students practice the skill of empathy through a panel style Q&A conversation with a small group of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences of marginalisation in our city venue.

By connecting with people we may have false assumptions about, students realise that these people are more than just stereotypes, they are our neighbours and we are all connected.

NB Students must participate in A Most Liveable City Walk and an Empathy Workshop prior to this session.

  • A facilitated empathic experience for students to encounter multiple perspectives on issues and topics discussed.
  • Student will interact with our in-person presenter and with “Neighbours” who have life experiences or expert knowledge of areas including marginalisation, homelessness, drugs & alcohol, mental health and LGBTQIA+
  • Invites and challenges students to see that difference of opinion comes from each person's lived experience and it is this difference that makes our society healthy.
  • Hosted in our CBD venue. Also available online/in schools

Empathy Workshops Also Available In Your School

Book our presenters to come to your classroom or event in person

IS YOUR SCHOOL NEW TO THE INTERSECTION? We offer a significant discount on your first booking with us - just ask!

The Intersection is a non-profit social enterprise in the heart of the city of Melbourne. We exist to create social change by educating about empathy, diversity and connection. Our primary tools are story-based city walks, interactive workshops, and facilitated ‘intersections’.

Walks are delivered on the wealthy streets and graffiti laneways near the Paris end of Collins St in the Melbourne City CBD (convenient to Flinders St or Parliament Stations). Workshops are delivered in our dedicated classroom in the heart of the Chinatown district of the City of Melbourne (convenient to Parliament Station).

We can bring Empathy Workshop to your school (as an incursion), to your retreat or camp, or to other venues as desired.

Homelessness, addiction and racism are symptoms of a deeper problem of disconnection. The Intersection challenges your students to meet ‘the other’, because empathy, diversity and connection are vital to creating a liveable city for everyone.

Our sessions are primarily designed for schools, but can be tailored for workplaces, churches, non-profit organisations and community groups: anybody who wants to learn more about the margins of our city, to explore the impacts of stereotypes, hierarchy, homelessness & power, or increase their empathy for those different to themselves.

Need a session adapted for your cohort, only have a small group, or have unusual timing such as an evening session? Just ask and we will do our best to accommodate you.

“Could we come back and do more workshops with you?”
Year 9 Student Fintona Girls' School, May 2024
“I really wanted to thank you for your talk today, I really connected with it and I need to think about it more!"
Year 9 Student Kilvington Grammar School, Mar 2024
“I need to think a lot more about your talk. Especially the bit about different perspectives on the same thing. Thank you!”
Year 9 Student Tintern Grammar, Mar 2024
“I was really moved by the stories we heard in Meet the Neighbour. It changed my mind about a lot of things.”
Year 9 Student Loreto Toorak College, Mar 2024
“That was such a good session, it was so interesting, thank you so much!”
Year 9 Student Flinders Christian Community College, Mar 2024
“Thank you so much to you and your team for Monday and Tuesday - so fantastic and valuable for the girls and the staff have also commented on how excellent the presentations were.”
Jules Dennett Loreto Toorak College, Mar 2024
“Meet the Neighbours was the best!”
Year 9 Student Mentone Grammar, Feb 2024
“I thought about a lot of things I haven't thought about before. My brain hurts, but good.”
Year 9 Student Mentone Grammar, Feb 2024
“I went on one of your city walks and workshops last year for my school, St Helena Secondary Collage, and i absolutely loved it, it was an amazing experience.”
Liana, student St Helena Secondary College, 2023
N.B. Testimonials on this website are unsolicited. They are sometimes emailed, sometimes captured verbally. They may have been edited for clarity.

A teacher’s response to experiencing one of our sessions

Jay from Overnewton Anglican Community College commenting on our A Most Liveable City Walk, March 2021. Thanks Jay!

We believe empathy, diversity & connection
will create a healthy society

We deliver our Walks, Workshops and Intersections as excursions in the Melbourne CBD. OUR EMPATHY WORKSHOPS CAN ALSO BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOLS.

We can also provide customised workshops and experiences for your group.

Just ask!

Book The Intersection Now
to bring urban issues alive for your participants

“I really wanted to reach out and express my heartfelt gratitude for your time with us on Thursday! It was such a wonderful experience, and the tour was truly a highlight. You made very strong connections to our Exhibition and have inspired our students through your provocative quotes and stories. I think it is a great idea to start formalising this tour for upper primary students. If anyone asks, we would be more than happy to recommend you!”
Katherine Guy Caulfield Grammar, June 2024
“We had an amazing day and the students certainly got lots from the excursion. Thanks for your organisation of it all.”
Blair Runnalls Tintern Grammar, May 2024

“[after an Empathy Workshop] I had a brief chat with one year 9 boy – who indicated that it was very worthwhile, and to be curious and not make assumptions! Great feedback!”

Emma Lowing Tintern Grammar, May 2024
“Thank you once again for hosting Whittlesea Secondary College for a fantastic excursion. The students had a wonderful time and the workshop was able to stimulate our students' thoughts about current social issues. Our students really benefitted from the workshop surrounding Empathy vs Sympathy, discussing what they are, and how we express them in our everyday lives.”
Nathan Doumbalis Whittlesea Secondary College, May 2024

“We love you guys! Thank you so much for the incredible programs that you offer the students. They loved the Empathy Workshops and the Walks. They really listened to your stories and it has had a big impact on them.”

Bronwen Kellett Presbyterian Ladies College, Jan 2024
“I just wanted to say thankyou so much for today’s session with Blythe. It was so great and really engaging for the students. I really loved how the topic areas were covered and also the space for further thinking, and the invitation to grappling with these issues from multiple perspectives. I spoke with the students on our way home, and it was great just hearing about what they had initially taken from this session. Look forward to unpacking this with them in the coming weeks. I am excited to have a look at the lesson plans, and hopefully integrate these in our curriculum.”
Jane Smith Christian College Geelong, May 2023
“Mike ran an Empathy Workshop for our Year 11 VCE-VM classes as part of their Area of Study on Personal Identity and Emotional Intelligence in the Personal Development Skills course. The students really enjoyed the sessions and came away with some great insights into ways in which they could be more empathetic in their daily lives. Would highly recommend booking in with the Intersection!”
Martyn van Reyk Williamstown High School, Mar 2023
“That was fan-TAST-ic!”
Year 9 Student Presbyterian Ladies College, Jun 2022
“Fantastic, really thought provoking, held the students attention!”
Julia, Teacher Emmanuel College Warrnambool, Aug 2022

“The A Most Liveable City Walk provided our students with perspective and understanding of the key issues facing our city, the guides are informed and engaging. We will certainly be working with Mike and the team again in the future.”

Lachlan Groh Beaconhills College, Aug 2022

“Our guide took us to notable destinations and told stories about the history of the city and about her life and experiences. We learnt interesting facts, and things we would not normally talk about, but probably should. Some stories were confronting and provocative, they encouraged us to reflect about how we can show compassion and empathy to those less fortunate than ourselves. We had a great experience and learnt a lot.”

Year 9 Students Ivanhoe Grammar, Dec 2021
“Thanks so much for today. All the feedback from our staff and students was fantastic. We appreciate you being flexible.”
David Podhaczky Flinders Christian Community College, May 2022
“[The 3 sessions were]...a wonderful experience for the girls to explore aspects of the city and our community that many haven’t seen before, and I know it created a lot of discussion and thinking on the train home!”
Julie James Mentone Grammar, Feb 2022
“Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you...I believe that this was a valuable experience for these young people. So humbled by the neighbours who were willing to put themselves 'out there' and also feel inspired by their stories of courage and resilience.”
Judy Miller Mountain District Christian School, Oct 2021
“We love that your sessions give such a good insight for the students into Melbourne, as they see, and hear, a different side. It often opens their eyes up a whole lot to somewhat change their own views. The Intersection walks have had a tremendous impact, even for some staff who have participated.”
Samuel Cue St Patrick’s College, July 2021
“We do a lot of different activities and excursions and this is the one that really resonates. There’ll be lots of conversations coming out of today.”
Adrian Bowler VCASS, Feb 2021
“Of all the things we do this week, I think [The Intersection] is the best! Especially in terms of challenging and opening students’ eyes.”
Julia Suzanne Corey High School, Feb 2021
“Today's session was absolutely fantastic. The presenters were brilliant, worked so well with our kids. Made it very easy to talk to them and the kids gave me some great feedback at the end. We can't wait to work with you again in the future.”
Kirstie Hoskin-Elliot Braybrook College Nov 2020
“It was a pleasure to work with The Intersection for our recent Empathy Workshops.  The sessions were well planned and the students really appreciated learning about this topic. Bookings were easy and straight forward. We found the sessions relevant and useful. Thanks Mike and team.”
Rowena Archer Braybrook College, Oct 2020
“It made you think about connecting in ways that many of us haven’t before.”
Year 8 Student Fintona Girls School, Apr 2020

“[During this online session] our students saw the city from the viewpoint of people they may not have yet encountered in their own lives, and gain understanding that there is more than one view of each individual’s story. It provided them with the opportunity to develop their own empathy, understanding and compassion.”

Chris Miller Fintona Girls School, Apr 2020
“Thank you!! This was really cool!”
Year 9 Student Camberwell High School, Oct 2020
“Empathy, social justice, community action & the idea that difference is good.”
Allison Hommelhoff Braybrook College, Oct 2020
“Gifted storytelling that opened our students' minds; a really vital experience.”
Liz Cutter Tintern Grammar, Aug 2020
“The best part was getting to know and understand people who have been through some tough times. It really helps us to understand how lucky we are to be able to always have a home and place that is safe.”
Year 9 Student Tintern Grammar, Jul 2020
“I took away not to judge people by the way they first come across, there is so much you don't know about someone and you should get to know them first before making assumptions about them.”
Year 9 Student Sacred Heart College, Jun 2020
“Thank you for your informative and interactive Intersection presentation to our Padua VCAL students yesterday ! The students developed a further insight into the issues of homelessness in Melbourne from the session, as we start working on our community issue topics this semester.”
Leanne Milne Padua College, Jul 2020
“We brought a school group through last year for the Empathy Workshop and the Most Liveable City Walk. This was an absolutely amazing experience - for me, and for the students who didn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the year.”
Judy Miller Mountain District Christian School, Oct 2019
“As a long–term youth worker—seconded to schools and training youth workers — I would recommend The Intersection to any school looking for informed and formative curated experiences.”
Naomi Swindon Fairhills High School, Oct 2019

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