About The Intersection Urban Learning

The Intersection is a social enterprise that exists to create social change by educating about empathy, diversity and connection.


The Intersection was founded in the City of Melbourne, Australia in early 2018, bringing together 30 years of experience in social education, and birthed out of Urban Seed. We see connection with others as an essential building block of a healthy society.

The social intersections of Credo Cafe and Collins Street Baptist Church taught us the art of empathy and its transformative power when applied in diversity.

The Intersection was born with the purpose of sharing this transformative approach of empathy, diversity and connection, encouraging Melbournians to apply this in their own lives and communities.

Education has a grassroots power to bring about radical change in society. We use story-based city walks, interactive workshops and facilitated intersections to bring about this change, and can also deliver a selection of our sessions online or in-classroom as required.

We are trying to work out what it means to live on Aboriginal land in one of the world’s ‘most liveable cities’, where homelessness and related social issues are on the rise.

We invite thought, curiosity and engaged participation to inspire imaginative action for the issues our society faces. Intersect with us, as we strive to build a healthy city. Diverse and connected, liveable for all.