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Online, Walks, Workshops & Intersections

For school students, workplaces and community groups

Every year The Intersection Urban Learning speaks to thousands of school students, workers and others, delivering online insight and discussion, leading interactive walks around the city, running creative workshops and facilitating social ‘intersections’, where students personally engage with ‘the other’.

At The Intersection, we challenge you to meet the other, because diverse connection and empathy are vital to creating a liveable city. Homelessness, addiction and racism are symptoms of a deeper problem of disconnection. Most of us are unaware of our tendency to categorise humanity and our addiction to stereotypes.

Our experienced educators connect with your audience, engaging at appropriate levels for each group. We share stories of the city, personal experiences and relevant statistics to craft a powerful narrative that breaks through stereotyping and categorising, and invites human connection and empathy.

Book your school, business or community group for individual sessions, or combine several sessions over one or more days as part of a retreat day or city experience programme. For enquiries & bookings information

Information about All Sessions

- Capped at 30 participants. Recommended group size 20 to 25.
- Sessions range between 60-120 minutes in length
- Costs stated are per group of up to 30 students maximum. All costs stated do NOT include GST.
- Some sessions can overlap start and finish times. Please ask.

If you are not sure whether our sessions are right for your students - please get in touch and tell us what you are looking for.

The fees for our walks and workshops support the work of The Intersection and are necessary to help cover our costs, however, we do not want them to be prohibitive. Please let us know if you have budgetary constraints and we will do our best to work with them.

Please email for further information.

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