Who do you have lunch with?  Everyday at Urban Seed, we hold a free lunch in Credo Cafe, full of  people who once were strangers.  This somewhat ‘random’ collection of people are made up of  homeless people to CEO’s.  All sharing a free lunch around one table.  

What happens when you share a meal with someone? Apart from eating, you chat, and begin to get to know someone.  At our table at Credo quickly you discover that people are just people  – be they homeless or business man.  And that strangers are fiction.  

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL7ndRZjiXQ]

We want to invite you to have lunch with someone you don’t know, and discover for yourself that Strangers are Fiction.  So why not throw a party, share a meal, or hold an event – and invite your friends, family PLUS at least one person you don’t know very well.  It only takes four easy steps to create a Strangers are Fiction meal: Look, Invite, Eat, Share!

  Look around your neighbourhood, school, workplace or church.  Who would you like to get to know?

  Invite your friends, family, and someone new!

  Throw a party, share a meal, have a picnic.

  Tell us your story, send us your pics!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCJcfkD-Tkw?wmode=transparent&autohide=1&egm=0&hd=1&iv_load_policy=3&modestbranding=1&rel=0&showinfo=0&showsearch=0&w=500&h=304]

This was filmed in Union Lane in Melbourne.  A regular stop in our City is Our Home Walks.  We had to endure the ‘fruits’ of this in the days after.  It was not pleasant.  🙁

One of the interesting things about Melbourne, is that it has many different spaces and sections.  Each space or section, caters for something different.  As the spaces change in the city, so do the people in those spaces and the activities done in them.  

The laneways in Melbourne provide an alternate space and voice.  Thus graffiti is a popular element of Melbourne’s laneways.   Can you imagine the 3L milk challenge being done in the Block arcade?

Union Lane is one of the places in the city where we like to play laneway cricket.  For us cricket is a way of blurring the lines between the different sections and spaces that exist in the city.  When we play cricket a game is usually made up of ‘random’ people who all wish to play cricket.  Ordinarily these people would not hang out or get to know each other, but by playing cricket they begin to realise that they have many things in common.  

This piece of graffiti was done by Melbourne based street artist Meek.  (Not Banksy as many think).  It appeared all around Melbourne in 2004.  

One of the great things about graffiti is that it asks many questions, rather than just giving answers.  

What kind of change?

His life to change?

The world to change?

This in turn begs the questions:

Is this change possible, and how?

Does it require any change from us?

This piece of graffiti was found in our laneway (Baptist Place) a number of years ago.  

One of the great things about graffiti is that it creates dialogue (a conversation on the wall) as can be seen in this piece.  

What stands out the most here is the comments about Reality and how we handle it.  

There will be times when each of us will struggle to handle reality.  The only difference will be in what we ‘use’ to help us handle our reality.  

At Urban Seed the people we met in our laneway (especially early on) used drugs as a way to cope and escape reality.  

Where as for you and I we may ‘use’ friends, family, food, exercise, music, gaming and so on as a way to cope with life.  

But are we really any different?