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Ted Talks: Tavi Gevinson : A teen just trying to figure it out

The Age Run Melbourne  July 15th 

Each year Urban Seed Run’s Melbourne to help us raise money for the work we do.

Run Melbourne is a community fitness event for everyone, where participants  can do a half-marathon, a 10km run and a 5km run or walk starting and finishing at Federation Square. Run Melbourne  works with the Everyday Hero program to help raise a significant amount of funds for charitable organisations. 

If you like Urban Seed and the work we do, why not sponsor our runners!

Paul Wood (Woodsy)

Chris Lacey

Samara Pitt 

Christop Booth

Bruce Everett

Mayra Stark

Dave Fagg

Meet The Crew!

Name: Evan Morgan

What do you do at Urban Seed?:
Youth and Schools Educator. I take kids for walks down dodgy laneways where we consider the complexities of society. Often I mention that Melbourne was voted worlds most live able city, but for who?

What kind of music are you into?:
I love music from all genres, but Break Beats and Progressive Techno are my favs

What’s your stereotype?:
Definitely the Hippy. I drink soy milk and have dreads. Open and shut case.

Favourite food?:
Indian!!! Any Curry with Naan… perfect!

If you could sit down for a coffee with the PM what would you talk about?:
Probably the coffee. 

Do you have any mad skillz?:
I produce and dj Break Beats…

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?:
John Howard. He is someone who can articulate his perspectives very strongly and passionately, yet I disagree with him on almost everything. I would love to get a better sense for why it is he believes what he believes. He didn’t look like a puppet to me. I respect him, yet he infuriates me.

What does Urban Seed mean to you?:
It makes me think of people who have very little safety net. No family, and very few supportive friends. It makes me feel hopeful that they will gain a community safety net, not just from the Urban Seed workers, but from other people in our neighbourhood, who come along to lunch and discover life changing stories.

Meet The Crew!

Name: Bianca Villella

What do you do at Urban Seed?: I’m a quarter of the Youth and Schools team. Officially, I’m the ‘bookings coordinator’ and a ‘youth educator.’ This means I organise school groups to come and visit us and then I get to take bunches of students around the city and talk about interesting things like homelessness, drug addiction and belonging. I also eat lunch and hang out in Credo Cafe a lot.

What kind of music are you into?: My favorite kind of tunes are bluesy, rootsy, folky, funky, soul-y kinds. 

What’s your stereotype?: When I had dreads people said I was a hippy. At uni my mates saw me as a nerd. Now, at Urban Seed my boss say’s I’m indie. Personally, I think I’m unboxable (is that a stereotype in itself?).

Favourite food?: I love food. In a big way. I love cooking with things that I have grown in my garden, or that my Nonna has grown in her garden. I love travelling to other countries and discovering all kinds of yummy things. Some of my favourite kinds of food (lets face it, how can there be just one?!) include Indian, Vietnamese and Thai. Oh yum.

If you could sit down for a coffee with the PM what would you talk about?: I think I would say ‘stuff this coffee – come with me to Credo Cafe’, and from there the conversation would flow…

Do you have any mad skillz?: I’m a Pictionary champion.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?: Aretha Franklin – she is my favorite lady that I don’t know. 

What does Urban Seed mean to you?: Urban Seed is one of the best examples of a bunch of people doing the right things for the right reasons.

Meet the Crew!

Name: Ashley Elizabeth Carr but you can call me Ash

What do you do at Urban Seed?: I recently joined the youth and schools team as an “educator”. I am one of the crew who lead students on city walks talking about how we are all the same and we should act like we actually believe that.

What kind of music are you into?: I like a bit of this and a bit of that. Right now, in my car’s console, I have The Beatles, Fleet Foxes, Daniel Merriwether, The Afro-Cuban Allstars and Gotye. My husband’s family are all musicians so I listen to a lot of stuff recorded by them.. which is nice!

What’s your stereotype?: Mummy blogger

Favourite food?: I love a good slice of my mum’s canneloni. I try to cook it sometimes but it’s never the same.

If you could sit down for a coffee with the PM what would you talk about?: If I had Julia’s ear I would tell her that regardless of whatever anyone says, I think she is a little bit stylish in her weird blazers. I would also chat to her about issues to do with asylum seekers and marriage equality as these are issues that are important to me.

Do you have any mad skills?: I can shoot saliva out from under my tongue. I can also make a three leaf clover with my tongue. Skillz galore!

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?: I would love to have dinner with The Beatles (if they were all still alive). They have been such a huge influence on me musically that I would LOVE to hang out with them.

What does Urban Seed mean to you?:  I am pretty new to Urban Seed but I already feel so welcome. I can see the place and the people becoming like a second home and family to me very quickly.

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What does a homeless person look like? (Spoken Word Poem by Jessica Figueroa) (by gardenofcalm)