Fact: Homelessness could happen to you!

No one is immune from potentially becoming homeless. Studies have shown that just a few unfortunate events can turn someone’s life around completely. It may be the loss of a partner, an unexpected expense or an eviction at short notice. 

(Source: The Mercy Foundation ‘Myths about homelessness’ fact sheet)

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Could you live on $2 per day?

Fact: Domestic violence is the single biggest cause of homelessness, involving one in every two homeless women with children. There are many organisations that can help. Reach Out is one of them.

Fact: Every day, around the world 25,000 people die from hunger and poverty. (Food and Agricultural Organisation)

Fact: On any given night at least 99,000 Australians are homeless (2001 census, Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Fact: In Australia, pharmaceuticals (prescribed and over the counter medication) have been more prevalent than illicit drug deaths since 2001.

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Some handy info on homelessness… 

When are you in the minority??

When are you in the majority??

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