Get The Intersection into your Classroom Online or In Person

The Intersection is online streaming sessions during this time of restrictions. In-person sessions available for booking from August 2020 (pending Dept approval).

Online & In-Classroom Empathy-Building Sessions

Online experiences for schools, workplaces and community groups

Every year The Intersection speaks to thousands of school students, workers and others, leading interactive walks around the city, running creative workshops and facilitating social intersections.

In 2020 we have responded to the challenges of the Coronavirus Prevention Restrictions by creating and delivering quality educational experiences online, hosted by our expert educators.

We offer streaming/in-school, facilitated empathy-building experiences for your students, that bring our Empathy Workshop, a filmed version of our popular A Most Liveable City Walk and a streamed version of our new Meet The Neighbour sessions into your classroom or home-teaching situation.

Timely, deliverable and motivating. These sessions help students to stay connected with the rest of society in a time of physical distancing, and are an opportunity to advance students’ sense of connection with people beyond their normal circles.

“I found the virtual tour of the city really fun, really educational, especially when we are stuck in our houses…really interactive, I enjoyed it.”
– Student, Fintona Girls School

This will have benefits for student wellbeing — as well as benefitting our city and society. This type of engaging discussion and connection will positively impact the culture of your students towards empathy.

Stream The Neighbour will also provide work for people experiencing marginalisation, and help us create a healthier city together.

COVID-19 and social isolation forces us to truly see why our wellbeing is tied to that of another.



Information about All Online / Live Streaming Sessions

- Recommended group size 20 to 25. Talk to us about larger groups.
- Sessions range between 90-120 minutes in length
- Costs start at $250 per group. Costs do NOT include GST. Contact us if budget presents a challenge.

The fees for our walks and workshops support the work of The Intersection and are necessary to help cover our costs, however, we do not want them to be prohibitive. Please contact us if you have budgetary constraints.

Please email for further information or Make a Booking

Please note that for your safety and ours, in-school sessions will abide by social distancing and will make use of suitable PPE for the (optional) Empathy Toy Challenge. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.

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Curriculum Matching

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We now provide Curriculum Matching Information for A Most Liveable City Online, Stream the Neighbour and Empathy Workshop Online.

A Most Liveable City Online (and In-School)

Video, Breakouts and Live Q&A

Session 1: A Most Liveable City Online is a streamed or in-classroom version of key parts of our Most Liveable City Walk, filmed on location in Melbourne's CBD, alongside live Q&A. It examines issues of homelessness, isolation, stereotypes and community through story telling and engaging discussion with breakout groups.

Preview of A Most Liveable City Online

Featuring breakout discussion groups and filmed on-location key content from our popular and impactful CBD-based Walk: A Most Liveable City, this engaging video journey is presented by Evan Morgan and live-facilitated by one of our expert educators. Through story telling and open questions, issues such as

  • homelessness
  • stereotypes
  • social hierarchy
  • judgement and
  • isolation

are explored. During the video the students can send questions via chat to our expert educator for further conversation at the end. During the session students are placed into small ‘breakout groups’ to discuss thought-provoking questions relevant to the content.

“It made you think in a way that a lot of us haven’t before.”

– Student, Fintona Girls School

Session 1: A Most Liveable City Online runs for up to 90 minutes (but may be adjusted to your timetabling requirements). Minimum run time is 75 minutes.
Cost IconSpecial pricing during restrictions is just $250 (plus GST) for each group of up to 30 students. In-school sessions may incur additional travel costs.

We strongly recommend smaller class sizes for the best experience. A Most Liveable City Online may be booked as a standalone session or with Session 2 following, see below. 

For enquiries & bookings information email or make a booking request.

Suitable for Year 9+ students.

“Just because someone is or feels different doesn’t mean we can’t talk to them normally and find out more about them. We are all human.”

– Student, Tintern Grammar

Talk Icon“[During this online session] our students were able to see the city from the viewpoint of people they may not have yet encountered in life their own lives and gain an understanding that there is more than one view of each individuals story. It provided them with the opportunity to develop their own empathy, understanding and compassion.”
- Chris Williams, Fintona Girls’ School

Stream the Neighbour

Live Streamed Panel with ‘Neighbours’

Session 2: Stream The Neighbour — allows your students to have a live-streamed conversation with people with lived experience of marginalisation and other relevant themes, who are ready to share their stories with your students, facilitated by one of our expert educators.

This session must be booked as an add-on or upgrade to A Most Liveable City Online.

The video and discussion of A Most Liveable City Online is followed by panel-style discussion with a small group of ‘Neighbours’, facilitated by our educator.

Neighbours are people who have life experiences or expert knowledge of areas including:

  • marginalisation
  • homelessness
  • drugs & alcohol
  • mental health

“This experience is so valuable...this is something that you could offer permanently...This is so good!”

– Elizabeth Cutter, Teacher, Tintern Grammar

Neighbours are people who your students might not normally engage with — and who are ready to share their stories and insights with your students via streamed, facilitated small group conversations.

All Neighbours are carefully selected, trained and have valid WWCCs.

Students are invited to ask their own questions (guidance is provided) via video or chat. They will hear personal stories that challenge their perspectives and open their eyes to the lives of others very different to themselves and yet will find commonality and connection. They will encounter the other, and perhaps find that in some ways we are all the same.

Booking Session 2: Stream The Neighbour employs people who have and currently experience disadvantage – and helps keep The Intersection alive in this challenging period.

Image of Neighbours

“The best part was getting to know and understand people who have been through some tough times. It really helps us to understand how lucky we are to be able to always have a home and place that is safe.”

– Student, Tintern Grammar

A session of Stream The Neighbour runs for approximately 60-75 minutes. The total session runtime for a single class to participate in A Most Liveable City Online or Empathy Workshop + Stream The Neighbour is 120-150 minutes. There will be a break between sessions. All timing can be adjusted to your timetabling requirements.
The cost for both A Most Liveable City Online + Stream The Neighbour is $375 (plus GST) per group of up to 30 students.

Stream The Neighbour is designed to be a follow-on experience for students who have done A Most Liveable City or Empathy Workshop.

Each group is limited to 30 students, however we strongly recommend smaller group sizes for the best experience for your students.

For enquiries & bookings information email or make a booking request.

Suitable for Year 9+ students.


Interactive presentation and activities

Empathy is the ability to step into another’s shoes, to see from another’s perspective. By transforming our sympathy into empathy, we begin to see as others do.

This highly interactive workshop has been designed to pair with ‘A Most Liveable City’ (online or in-person session), by exploring and unpacking a major underlying principle required for social change to occur: empathy.

Through facilitated conversation, personal stories, media, ‘The Empathy Toy’ challenge, and an introduction to a ‘Human Library’, this workshop explores empathy as being more than just sympathy, in fact as being a transformative tool as displayed in the ‘A Most Liveable City' which can be utilised in students relationships at school, in their neighbourhoods, and in their future vocations.

Please note: This session is equivalent to the in-person session in terms of content.

NB: Can also be delivered on site at schools.

The Empathy Workshop can be booked as a standalone session, however we recommend pairing it with A Most Liveable City Online if possible

Each group is limited to 30 students, however we strongly recommend smaller group sizes for the best experience for your students.

For enquiries & bookings information email or make a booking request.

While designed for Year 8 and above, this session can be provided at a level suitable for Grade 5/6 or Year 7 students.

A session of Empathy Workshop Online runs for 90 minutes. Timing can be adjusted to your timetabling requirements.
The special pricing for Empathy Workshop Online or In-School is just $250 (plus GST) per group of up to 30 students. In-school sessions may incur additional travel costs.