Conscience on Collins 2013: “I have a dream…”

Last month Urban Seed teamed up with Collins Street Baptist Church to put on the annual Conscience on Collins. Over 300 people came out to hear Adam Bandt (Melbourne MP), Jessie Taylor (Barrister & Refugee Advocate) and Father Bob (Activist & Larrikin Priest) tell us their dreams for this city and society. So compelling were the speeches, that they inspired many other dreams as well. Like this one:Well I have a dream. My dream is that I don’t have to come to Credo for food, but that I can come when I want, and I can give money to Credo.

These were the words of Sash, one of our two female members of Credo Team. She is also part of the Credo Women’s Space project. Sash is studying a business degree, and aims to start her own business. She is also a talented visual artist. Sash was busy catering for Conscience on Collins, along with the rest of Credo Team, who are all members of the community that shares food and life in Credo Café.

Sash has a dream of finding her feet so that she is not dependent on Credo Café, but can give back to it. But what Sash may not realise is that without her, Credo would not be the place that it is. Sash is an invaluable contributor to Credo Team, which prepared and served delicious food for our 300+ guests at Conscience on Collins. Sash also blesses us with her inspiring artwork, and has offered invaluable assistance in the Urban Seed office. It will be great when she does have a choice as to whether or not to eat in Credo Café, but she already gives in so many ways.

Thank you to everybody who made Conscience on Collins such a fabulous event.


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