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Reflection by Mitch Lovell :: Year 9 :: Bentleigh Secondary College
On friday we went to the city to learn about an organisation called urban seed. The organisation helps homeless people and drug addicts.

They talked about different types of homelesness . I learnt that being homeless doesnt always mean you’re a hobo living out of garbage cans. She explained how they gave out free meals to anyone. They do this so the homeless people could eat if they needed to and it also helps the homeless community socialise with business people they see walk past everyday. They do this because when the business person sees the homeless person (after they have shared a meal together and talked) they dont see him as a hobo, they see him as that guy john they had lunch with the day before.

They also run another program where anyone can come and play laneway cricket. The reason for cricket is not only for homeless and non homeless people to interact; its also so people can have a sense of belonging and to feel that they have achieved something.

I think going to urban seed was a great experience and it taught me alot of stuff i didnt know about homelesness.

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