Meet The Crew!

Name: Bianca Villella

What do you do at Urban Seed?: I’m a quarter of the Youth and Schools team. Officially, I’m the ‘bookings coordinator’ and a ‘youth educator.’ This means I organise school groups to come and visit us and then I get to take bunches of students around the city and talk about interesting things like homelessness, drug addiction and belonging. I also eat lunch and hang out in Credo Cafe a lot.

What kind of music are you into?: My favorite kind of tunes are bluesy, rootsy, folky, funky, soul-y kinds. 

What’s your stereotype?: When I had dreads people said I was a hippy. At uni my mates saw me as a nerd. Now, at Urban Seed my boss say’s I’m indie. Personally, I think I’m unboxable (is that a stereotype in itself?).

Favourite food?: I love food. In a big way. I love cooking with things that I have grown in my garden, or that my Nonna has grown in her garden. I love travelling to other countries and discovering all kinds of yummy things. Some of my favourite kinds of food (lets face it, how can there be just one?!) include Indian, Vietnamese and Thai. Oh yum.

If you could sit down for a coffee with the PM what would you talk about?: I think I would say ‘stuff this coffee – come with me to Credo Cafe’, and from there the conversation would flow…

Do you have any mad skillz?: I’m a Pictionary champion.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?: Aretha Franklin – she is my favorite lady that I don’t know. 

What does Urban Seed mean to you?: Urban Seed is one of the best examples of a bunch of people doing the right things for the right reasons.

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